The differences between adobe photo shop and lightroom: That when you enter lightroom, the editing is right in front of you, while if you enter photoshop, you will have to open it up through files and edits, which can be confusing to some and take longer.  Another difference would be that photoshop has way […]

Jump start your Photography

Go to the movies, movies are great inspiration. Before you go, prepare yourself mentally. You can find inspiration in the story of the movie, in the photography, in the morals, in one of the characters and in the dialogs. Check out flickers explore, one of flicker’s most interesting features is the explore page. In this […]

Painting with Light

How I think they achieved this photo was by having a very slow shutter speed. They had people draw these in the back when the person was taking the photo. They had to draw really fast because the shutterspeed thing doesn’t last that long. I applauded them for how fast they did this because if […]

Raw v. JPEG

  The difference between Raw v. JPEG is the size. The Raw photo covers every detail giving control to the editor, while JPEG has more advantage when it comes to the size, this is because the data they have is compressed. I believe the raw file is bigger. You can change Raw file into a […]

Studio Portraits

1.The purpose of the main light it is the principal source of light in a photograph, particularly in a studio setup, casting the dominant shadows and defining the texture and volume of the subject. 2. The purpose of the fill light is to fill in the shadows created by the main light. The fill light is […]

Depth of Field

By choosing how much depth of field to have in your shot, you can focus the viewer’s attention in a specific place. This makes depth of field control one of the most important creative decisions that a photographer makes. Depth of field is controlled by changing the aperture setting on your camera. You control the […]