Depth of Field

By choosing how much depth of field to have in your shot, you can focus the viewer’s attention in a specific place. This makes depth of field control one of the most important creative decisions that a photographer makes. Depth of field is controlled by changing the aperture setting on your camera. You control the […]

Digital Camera modes

Automatic Mode: Helps select the best shutter speed for your camera. Portrait Mode: It helps select the best shutter speed for the camera. Macro Mode: This mode lets you move your closer into your subject to take a close up picture. Landscape Mode: It sets the camera up with a small aperture (large number) to […]

DSLR intro

Mirror system inside lets you preview through the viewfinder the same image that is being captured on film/sensor​ Less than 21 mm is for extreme wide angle and for architecture zoom vs. focus HIGH ISO value means the sensor will be MORE sensitive to light, meaning it will take LESS LIGHT to get the right exposure​ The shutter in a camera […]

Portrait: Read and write

A good portrait is an image of a person that manages to tell a story. A good portrait tells us something about the person in the image, and composition is a key element that helps us create a storytelling portrait.  To identify visual storytelling potential and decide how much time you’re willing to wait until […]